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Supercan Trash Day Boundaries

Supercan Trash Day Boundaries

by DPW SWMA GIS Section on 07/01/2009

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Trash day boundaries in the supercan trash collection area of Washington DC. The day boundaries are the areas where trash and recycling collection takes place on a particular day. There are several routes within each day boundary. Each crew is assigned to collect either trash or recycling in one route per day. Supercan trash collection refers to the type of trash container used by the residents for setting out trash. Supercans are 96 gallon containers that are distributed by the City to citizens in residential (less urban and therefore less dense) neighborhoods that form the outer ring portion of the City. The routes within these day boundaries are collected once per week. Recycling containers are blue 35 gallon containers that are distributed to citizens in these same areas.


This data was digitized to organize the operational management of the residential trash collection program in the City of Washington DC. The day boundaries are used to create maps, analyze data, and communicate with the public and other government officials.

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Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Management Administration GIS Section

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    • Day_Num / SWMA trash collection staff
      The number of the Day (e.g. Mon = 1, Tues = 2, Wed = 3, Thurs = 4, Fri = 5)
    • Day_ / SWMA trash collection staff
      The day of the week the area has trash collected
    • Shape / ESRI
      Feature geometry.
    • FID / ESRI
      Internal feature number.
    • DAY_NUM
    • DAY_
      Internal feature number.
    • SHAPE / ESRI
      Feature geometry.
      Area of feature in internal units squared.


    FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata / FGDC-STD-001-1998 as of 07/09/2009

    Provided by
    David Koehler
    in DPW SWMA GIS Section

    Washington DC DC, 20032, USA

    phone: 202 698-2448
    hours: M - F 6 AM - 2:30 PM